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Freakduino 2.4 GHz + Ruggedized Enclosure Set



This set includes the FREAKDUINO-CHIBI base board, battery regulator circuit, 2.4 GHz antenna, and a ruggedized enclosure.

The purpose of fitting the FREAKDUINO-CHIBI board into an enclosure is to allow it to be transported or deployed safely without worry about damaging the circuitry. The enclosure provides protection for the internal circuitry and gives the design a finished look.

The enclosure comes with mounting screws for the PCB, screws for sealing the enclosure, an integrated battery case that fits two AA batteries, and a silicone sleeve to protect the enclosure from drops, bumps, and general wear and tear. The silicone sleeve comes in many different colors and the enclosure comes in standard profile (26.5 mm high) and high profile (34.5 mm high) varieties.

One of the main benefits of using this enclosure is that the sleeve allows for quick access to the internal circuitry. When the design is still being worked on, needs to be shown, or just needs to be transported safely, the silicone sleeve can be used to hold the top and bottom casing together without screwing the complete enclosure together. This means that its possible to have a portable prototyping platform that can be safely carried around and still have easy access to the circuit board and connectors. This is ideal for working on a design in a coffee shop, collaborating with others at a hackerspace, or bringing a design to show at an event.

This kit includes:

  • Freakduino 2.4 GHz Base Board
  • Battery Circuit Regulator Kit
  • 2.4 GHz, +2 dBi Antenna
  • Enclosure
  • Silicone enclosure sleeve
  • Standard front plate
  • FREAKDUINO CHIBI custom front plate
  • PCB mounting screws
  • Enclosure screws

Enclosure Datasheet (Japanese)

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